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Rachel Zevita

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A pop vocalist with classical training, Rachel Zevita landed a spot as a finalist on American Idol. She then embarked on a world tour with Armed Forces Entertainment, going to Australia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Korea, Guam, and Japan.

When she was not on tour, she wrote & recorded her double EP "The Echo Sessions, Vol. 1 & 2" in Los Angeles with producer/co-writer Blake Sennett (The Elected, Rilo Kiley) at the helm. 


Volume 1 is a shot of radio-ready pop; fusing beautiful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, danceable beats, and rock-n-roll attitude. Volume 2 is darker, edgier, and more introspective with elements of hip-hop, jazz and alt-rock. You can get them both from the store page.


ZEVITA has always been a "singer, a songwriter and a rockstar," singing and writing music since she was 4 years old. She has performed since her early teens all over New York City, even singing on the subway, learning to give her all to audiences of ANY size. (For more info, visit the EXTENDED BIO/UPBRINGING.)


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The Band

Jonathan Zuzio,

Jonathan Zuzio is an expert guitar player and teacher from Long Island, NY.


He attended SUNY Oneonta and later Queens College as an education major, before going on to teach music at Baldwin Senior High School.


He currently plays guitar as a freelance artist in NYC and Long Island, as well as occasionally producing for other artists. He also teaches at two private studios in Long Island & Queens.

Chris Plietz,

Chris Plietz is a pianist living in New York City. Originally from the great state of NJ, he studied music at the University of Virginia before moving back north.


Although most of his focus has been on the piano, he also plays the hammond organ and other keyboard-based instruments (rhodes, wurlitzer, clavinet, synthesizers, etc).


He currently plays keys for Travis Nilan & The List, Rachel Zevita, and hip-hop emcee, Art. He also freelances. He is formerly of the bands: The Blackout Project & Pictures of Home.



Renato Milone,

Renato Milone has been producing and composing since the age of 7. He started his music career in Italy as an independent drummer after he graduated from La Universita della Musica in Rome as a drums performance major.


He also graduated from Berklee College of Music with a major in Contemporary Writing and has worked with artists and companies from all over the world, including: Whitney Houston, Target, and the Arrangers for Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin.


Genevieve Chapin,

Genevieve Chapin has been playing electric bass since 7th grade. She graduated from the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College in 2012 with a degree in Music Performance on Double Bass, where she studied with Daniel Krekeler of the Metropolitan Opera.


She is currently involved in a variety of chamber groups, community and volunteer orchestras, pit orchestras, and rock bands in the New York City area. Genevieve was born and raised in Jackson Heights, Queens, and hasn't left yet. 

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