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BEGINNINGS: Born in the Bronx, Zevita began singing & writing music at 4 years old; singing helped her learn to speak. Her parents split when she was young, so as a child Zevita became accustomed to travel, commuting back and forth between her Mother's humble house in New Rochelle and her Father's cramped apartment in Manhattan's Lower East side. At 12 years old she decided to plant her roots in one place, and moved in with her Grandmother in Harlem.

Zevita then attended LaGuardia High School (the FAME school), where she learned to read music and honed her writing and performing abilities, learning the most from her working experiences beyond the classroom: singing with Josh Groban at Madison Square Garden, opening for Barenaked Ladies at the Beacon theater, performing in Carnegie Hall with Hugh Masekela, singing Jazz with a 30 piece big band in the Rose Room at the Jazz @ Lincoln Center grand opening. She played her original music all over NYC, and was signed to her first record contract, all before she turned 16.

While performing her original material at venues all over the city (and the subway), Rachel began studying opera at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music during her senior in High School, after being scouted by Citywide Youth Opera director Andres Andrade.

FROM OPERA TO IDOL TO NOW: Zevita received a Bachelor's in Classical Music Performance at the Aaron Copland School of Music (where she met her current bandmates Rob and Mike), and has since sung just about every style of music imaginable. She's given lecture recitals on Caccini and Monteverdi, brought audiences to their knees during Opera roles, learned Urdu and Arabic by ear to sing with U.N. Ambassador Salman Ahmad of Junoon, impressed discerning NY'ers with her prog-rock band And You And I, and she learned to play Ukulele while performing in a Bluegrass Jam Session. For audiences as small as 2 or as large as 40 million (on American Idol), whether she's in a concert hall, a subway car, a dive bar, or on television, Zevita lives to perform.

After her time on Idol, Zevita embarked on a world tour with Armed Forces Entertainment, being among the first performers to visit northern Japan after the 2011 Tsunami. She also performed in Australia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Korea, Guam; has been back to Japan several times. When she wasn't on tour, she wrote and recorded the material for her debut EP "The Echo Sessions, Vol. 1" in Los Angeles with producer and co-writer Blake Sennett (The Elected, Rilo Kiley) at the helm. She is currently writing and recording material for her next EP, "The Echo Sessions, Vol. 2" in New York City, and she is OVERJOYED to be sharing the stage with her brilliant and talented bandmates.

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